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Image of Wrap Me Up Cardigan (English)

Wrap Me Up Cardigan (English)

Who couldn't use a light and chic wrap cardigan for those cool summer evenings? A cardigan that is perfect for skirts, gauzy dresses or your high-waisted jeans? A cardigan that highlights the waist and your feminine features? Those were my thoughts when I designed the Wrap me up cardigan, which complements most of my existing wardrobe.

The wrap me up cardigan is a fluffy wrap cardigan in pure silk mohair. The cardigan is knitted in four threads Tilia from Filcolana or Önling No. 10 from Önling, which gives a light but fluffy expression and at the same time you will have a finished result in no-time.

The wrap me up cardigan is knitted top down with raglan increases and with a fine rib edge in the neck and on the cardigan's sides, which is knitted at the same time as the rest of the work. The cardigan is therefore almost without sewing together and you can try it on along the way during the knitting process, so you can continuously tailor it to your own measurements.

Gauge: 13 sts x 18 rows = 10 x 10 cm on needle size 8.0 mm / US 11 (after rinsing and drying)
Yarn: 4 threads Tilia from Filcolana (70% super kid mohair, 30% mulberry silk, 210 m/25 g) OR 4 threads Önling No. 10 (70% mohair, 30% silk, 210/25 g)
Materials: Peplum edge 250 (250) 275 (325) 325 g / straight edge 225 (225) 250 (300) 300 g
Guiding needle size: 8.0 mm / US 11
Sizes: x-small (small) medium (large) x-large
Chest width: 88 (94) 100 (106) 112 cm / 34⅔ (37) 39½ (41¾) 44 inches (I recommend a 10 cm / 4 inches positive ease)
Length from the shoulder and down: 50 (52) 54 (56) 58 cm / 19¾ (20½) 21¼ (22) 22¾ inches
Sleeve length under the sleeve: 18 (19) 20 (21) 22 cm / 7 (7½) 7¾ (8¼) 8¾ inches

Image of Wrap Me Up Cardigan (English)
Image of Wrap Me Up Cardigan (English)
Image of Wrap Me Up Cardigan (English)